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Wolsak & Wynn Titles

Please note that these titles are out of print. For more information, contact the author.


Virgin Territory. Wolsak & Wynn, 1996

Virgin Territory discloses the strong emotional ties within the family, both the ineluctable one of childhood and the chosen one of marriage and parenthood., and describes the tension between the two.

“These poems offer insight into the deepest emotional bonds and tensions within different family units. Her perspective of human emotion is both sensitive and erotic. The rhythmic flow of language and the network of imagery allow for an intimate and sometimes vivid expression of the author’s ideas. These are poems of frustration and passion, youth and mortality, as suffocation and freedom.” Rampike.

“[Virgin Territory] is at once a compelling work of woman and an intense relief in its telling. This is the fashioning and the discipleship of woman/motherhood – its faith, its failures, its fruitage – none of it new, as oft-paraphrased Solomon tells us, all of it virgin territory as Struthers’ unflinchingly travels it.” The Backwater Review


Running Out of Time. Wolsak & Wynn, 1993. Runner-up for the  Milton Acorn Memorial People’s Poetry Award, 1994

“There are poems here of startling frankness and sexuality; poems of delicate insight and sadness; poems of anger and of love. Struthers writes with great precision, and very keen ear for the rhythms of language and the hesitations of the line break. There is a major poetic voice here.” – Stephen Scobie, The Toronto Star

“Her power comes from narrative clarity, straightforward discourse, and unambiguous images… a vivid collection held together by a clear, confident voice and a strong persona who processes blues, nightmares, and orgasms with a refreshing blend of cerebral solidity, emotional openness, and physical candour. Hers is a steady, concrete, and sensuous voice of the material world.”

 – Richard Lemm, Dalhousie Review

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