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Still. Black Moss Press, 2003

                Winner of the 2004 Pat Lowther Memorial Award


Still explores what it is to be living at the beginning of a new century in the middle of an ordinary life – that of a wife, a mother, a woman who works and travels, who reads and remembers. Through the calm contemplation of sensation and experience, these poems discover the extraordinary in the dailiness of existence, how life and love continue even in times of loss, both personal and political. It is these moments of awareness coming to life through image and cadence, sound and sense that gives these poems their truth.

What the Lowther jury said about Still: “Landscape is matrix, not backdrop, in Still, Betsy Struthers’ integrative, feminist text in which the domestic encompasses the world.  Here each poem adds a new layer to the one before as Struthers constructs a terrain of intimacy – growth, aging, loss, grief, survival – to reveal how we participate in natural cycles. Grounded images and syntactical elegance mark the deft portrayal of experience illuminated in these resonant poems.”

“Light is essential for Struthers. Her poems open and move through dusks, dawns, and early-morning wakings… what is new in Still, and what adds to its complexity and relevance today is the fear pervasive throughout… the tension between inside and outside worlds, internal and external signs… It is this stillness that Struthers seeks in her new book: that of a calm and quiet unmoving (though moved); stillness as continuity, in family and memory, to “where we are/most at home […and] most bare.” –The Malahat Review

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