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Mosaic Press Titles

Censored Letters. Mosaic Press, 1984

 “It is high time in Canada that a woman’s voice should be heard speaking against war… This is a powerful, compelling documentary for our time: a long series of poems as exciting as a novel and restrained in language and structure. One wants to shout, and I do shout, BRAVO.” Dorothy Livesay

“This sequence of poems tells the story of one woman’s experience of the First World War, waiting in Canada for her husband to come home from the trenches. Struthers handles the theme with commendable restraint and simplicity… a good, sensitive telling of a story which, though all too common, is all too rarely told.” The Malahat Review

“As in so many of Atwood’s poems, the Censored Letters are addressed by a woman to a male lover. Both writers devote attention to ecology, using war as their ultimate expression of the rape of both land and female body. And, as the title of this collection of poetry announces, language – its subversions, its holes, its gaps – is a central topic…. The poems should be read, savoured, thought about, gone back to. In an age of increasing violence, they maintain a movingly humane perspective.” Canadian Literature


Saying So Out Loud. Mosaic Press, 1988

In her second collection of poetry, Betsy Struthers explores themes of childhood, awakening sexuality, love, and childbirth.

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