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In Driven, Betsy Struthers writes about loss and discovery, about being-in-between generations, her father’s death, and her son’s coming of age while she herself is caught in the middle of her own life story, between what is ripening and what is passing. The language in this new work has a lyrical simplicity but at an emotional level that is both poignant and touching.

“These are poems of positioning: where to stand in relation, how to carry what drives us. The dominant metaphors are of animals and water, wolves and whales; the choreographing themes are desire and faith… Struthers is trying to unite perfect sense with the primitive yowl… she is driven to give voice to light but must find it first. Between short, choppy lines and more self-assured long sentences, the poems reveal a woman in the midst of finding her stride, both in life and as a poet.” Quill & Quire

“Betsy Struthers’ voice is strong, sure, and full of music in Driven … This fine collection offers more with each reading.” Arc magazine

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